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Teleworking: 3 recipes for staying visible, useful and meaningful
Équipe Unatti March 11, 2020
work from home

Teleworking: 3 recipes for staying visible, useful and meaningful 

During a working meeting after the French union strikes of December 2019, a HR director of a large group told me: "there will be a pre-strike and a post-strike". According to her, now even those who do not want to telework have decided to do it or have taken a liking for it.

The corona virus amplifies this reality by extending the scope of work. Fanny Lederlin, a doctoral student in philosophy, has just published "Les dépossédés de l'open space" (The dispossessed of open space) at Editions PUF, which explains how "working from home has brought work into our homes. But by bringing it into our home, it opens the door to the entirety of our lives" (1).

Some of the concepts and "recipes" presented in our article are inspired by the book "The dispossessed of open space", which seemed to us to be very topical. That said, our article is far from presenting the philosophical construction and concepts of the book in question, which we really recommend reading.


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Équipe Unatti September 29, 2016
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What is the difference between a coach and a mentor ? This very interesting article is written by Sepna Rema Hari, HR Director at Clarins. 

L’humilité, indispensable au leadership d’aujourd’hui
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