Privacy policy

Last modified December 7th 2017

Please note that the French version of this Privacy Policy/User Agreement/Cookie Policy shall prevail over the English version.

Unatti's privacy policy exlains the way we process your private data and we preserve your privacy policy when you use our services. By using our Services, you agree that Unatti can use such data in accordance with our privacy policies.

At Unatti we care about you and your data. Privacy is the essence of successful Mentoring.

This privacy policy applies to all personal data you provided on our website within the frame of our Services’ use. We encourage you to read it carefully.

General information

Unatti s’engage à se conformer à la réglementation applicable à la collecte et au traitement des données à caractère personnel, à savoir à la loi n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 dite « Loi Informatique et Libertés » ainsi qu’au règlement européen 2016/679 du 27 avril 2016 dit « RGPD » à partir de son entrée en vigueur le 25 mai 2018 et ce, dans le cadre de l’exécution des Services pour le compte du Client.

The use of data by Customers and Administrators of the platform for statistics and usage evaluation are done on an aggregated level (except for statistics regarding the user journey). Consequently these data are anonymous.

Objectives of data use

Unatti collects information related to you which are necessary only for the following aims:
- Matching of professionals/Authorized Users with other professionals/Authorized Users within the frame of a Mentoring program (helping employees’ matching for their personal and professional skills development);
- Administration of your account;
- Giving information related to our company and its activities;
- Aggregation of data for our Clients in order to provide Studies and Analytical statistics;
- Usage data to improve our Services.

If you do not provide the required data, Unatti is not able to offer you its Services.

Unatti utilise également des cookies afin de fournir son service. Cookies essentiels émis par Unatti et nos partenaires :
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- Vimeo : Vous pouvez exprimer et revenir sur votre consentement en vous rendant sur la page suivante.
- LinkedIn : Vous pouvez exprimer et revenir sur votre consentement en vous rendant sur la page suivante.
- Google Analytics : Vous pouvez exprimer et revenir sur votre consentement en vous rendant sur la page suivante.
- Mailjet : Vous pouvez exprimer et revenir sur votre consentement en vous rendant sur la page suivante.

Data Preservation

You have the right to access, to correct and to delete the personal information you provided. You have also the right to oppose to the treatment of these data, that you can exercise at any time by sending a mail at this address:
16, rue Soyer
92200 Neuilly sur Seine

ou un e-mail à :

En cas de difficulté en lien avec la gestion de vos données personnelles, vous pouvez nous contacter à l’adresse ou adresser une réclamation auprès de la CNIL.

Data recipients

Contributions provided by the Authorized Users are accessible to all other Authorized Users.

We are working with developers to build the website By using Unatti development tools, these developers might have access to personal data you provided and in that case we are very careful that they respect rigorously the confidentiality of this data.

We can release some of your personal information if we are required to do so by a legal authority or any other administrative authority.

Safety and confidentiality of data

Unatti offers a help to match employees for the development of their professional and personal skills. As an Authorized User you are going to use in a willing process. The access url to which was provided to you is personal and non-transferable. Unatti put in place a secured data encryption with a HTTPS certificate and we relate on you to inform us if you have knowledge of a fraudulent use of By subscribing to you accept its User agreement, its Privacy policy and its Cookies policy.

Polls and Surveys

We conduct our own surveys and polls as part of Unatti’s Services in Mentoring.
Your consent to use any personally identifiable information for the purposes set forth in the poll or survey will be explicitly requested.

Testimonials through Unatti

If you provide testimonies about our products or Services after a request from Unatti's staff, we may use these testimonies to promote our Services to third parties. The personal information that you provide us with will be used for such purposes only with your agreement.


If you share content with your Mentors or your Mentees, or import a blog or any other type of content, vous devez être conscient que toute information que vous choisissez de divulguer via l’utilisation de ces services peut être lue et recueillie par vos mentorés ou Mentors. Unatti is not responsible for

Disclosures to others as the Result of a Change in Control or Sale of Unatti SAS

If there is a change in control or sale of all or part of Unatti, we may share your information with a third party, who has the right to use such information in accordance with law No. 78-17 Computing and Liberties of 6 January 1978 and this Privacy Policy.