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Mentoring, a proven
practice to develop talents!

It is an ancestral practice, democratized in the United States of America and in Canada for professional development. It works by matching employees within one company or across companies to help them progress professionally.

The essence of mentoring

Experience sharing

A voluntary and benevolent action

About soft skills and hard skills

From an experienced person to another less experienced in the field

In a time privileged relationship

It is an experiential learning useful for participants and organizations. It is better suited to today's business realities than traditional professional training.

Why use one term instead of another

Each program is unique, so the terminology which will appear on the platform is totally up to you: mentor and mentee or reverse mentor and reverse mentee, buddy mentor... it is your choice!

Different possible types of programs:

Traditional mentoring: from a senior to a junior

On-boarding for new comers

Reverse mentoring from a junior to a senior

Peer to peer: for employees with similar seniority and different areas of expertise

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The problem?

While mentoring is unanimously recognised to improve performance, 90% of mentoring programs in Europe are dedicated to high potentials mostly because investment in time and money without a digital solution is immense

of turnover decrease

of better work satisfaction

of additional engagement

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